Chippewa Valley Coin Club

Minutes of the March 6, 2008 Meeting


Meeting started: 7:40 pm

Attendance: 15


Treasurer Report for February 2008 - read by Doug Anderson

Treasurers Report:                        February                                                       

            Balance Forward              $1227.24                                                        


               Dues:                               30.00



               Post Cards                          7.28                    

               Show Advertising               70.00                                

               Refreshments                      0.00                    

            Balance:                         $1179.96


Meeting Minutes for February 2008 - read by Doug Anderson

Bullion Report:

            Gold         $973.00

            Silver         $20.33

            Copper        $3.85         


Old Business:


            Club Membership Dues: If you were not at the Christmas dinner for 2007, you need to pay for 2008 dues.


            Discussion of food & atmosphere at Sweetwaters Resturant for the Christmas dinner.         


New Business:


            April 6, 2008 Club Coin Show:

                        Roy reported 20 tables sold so far.

                        Advertising will be in Coin World, Numismatic News & Leader Tele-gram.


            Upcoming shows: Brooklyn Center, MN

                                       N.O.W in Iola, WI       


            2008 Silver Eagles - it was reported that the Mint had trouble getting planchets so some dealers are                                         

              charging a higher price.  The Royal Canadian Mint had the same problem for their Maple Leafs.


            Roy bought a Peace & Morgan dollar that were counter stamped for the N.O.W. Eau Claire show in 1978.


            Jim McCarthy discovered a new variety on the 2000 Lincoln cent and was reported in Numismatic News.


            Samuel Zwickel will be touring the Denver Mint and asked what he might keep an eye out for.

                        One item was a special Denver Mint set.


            State Qtrs. program extended thru 2009 for D.C. & Territories.


            Kennedy 1/2 dollar discussion.


            New Member: Welcome William Blanton




            Door Prizes:

            Leonard Jordan:   1964 d Kennedy half

            Tom Zwickel:       1964 Washington Qtr. 

            Doug Anderson:   Roosevelt Dime

            Roy Crowell:        2004 Michigan Qtr.

            Bob Werner:        Quarter

            Larry Hamler:      1936 East African


Auction conducted by Doug Anderson


Adjourn @ 8:53 pm


Submitted by: Van Jorstad