From: Catherine Keys []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 2:36 PM
To: JohnTester - CVCC
Subject: CVCC minutes for Dec.



Meeting: December 2nd, 2004

Christmas Party at Sweetwaters Restaurant



Total of 25 people in attendance (including non-member guests).



A presentation of a plaque was made to Catherine Keys, outgoing Secretary/Treasurer, for her work on behalf of the Club.



President: Doug Anderson (nom. Bob Werner, sec. Larry Hamler); Leonard Jordan (nom. Doug Anderson, sec. John Duran. A vote was held, and Doug Anderson was duly elected as President for a 2-year term.


Vice President: John Duran (nom. Doug Anderson, sec. Roy Crowell); Bob Werner (nom. Doug Anderson, sec. Larry Hamler); Leonard Jordan (nom. John Duran, sec. Alastair Keys). A vote was held, and John Duran was duly elected as Vice President for a 2-year term.


Secretary/Treasurer: Catherine Keys declined nominations; John Tester (nom. Bob Werner, sec. Larry Hamler).

John Tester accepted the nomination for a 2-year term.

Executive Board Members: Current Members: Bob Werner, Leonard Jordan, Doug Anderson.

Dougs term has now expired, so we need to elect a replacement for the board. The Board consists of three members, with one rotating out each year, and being replaced by a new member. The term of office is 3 years. Jerry Urdahl (nom. Doug Anderson, sec. Larry Hamler). Jerry Urdahl accepted the nomination as Board Member for a 3-year term.


Business Meeting closed at 7:10 pm, and was followed by the buffet meal.


Door Prizes

non-member drawing:

Proof Set  Lisa Zinn


Member drawing:

Proof Set - Owen Keys

Proof Set - Philip Dolan

Proof Set - Wayne Hamler


Club Gifts to all:

Wisconsin Quarter in holder; Westward Series Nickels in holder; all enclosed in a red velvet draw-string bag.



Auction conducted by Roy.


Next Meeting:

Thursday, January 5, 2005  Educational night  Roy Crowell

7:30 Junior Session  John Tester


Treasurers Report:

Opening balance in Bank. $326.12


checks from members for restaurant meal . $117.00


Larry Hamler (plaque & coins) . $ 50.35
Sweetwaters Restaurant .. $197.67

Closing balance in Bank..  $195.10


[The restaurant was paid with a combination of cash collected and a single check from Club funds. Total cost of meal was $367.67. Members in attendance deducted their cost of membership paid during the 2004 year, from their meal tally. This provided an easy way to disburse the refund to members.

Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.