Meeting: November 6th, 2003.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Charly Koehler (Vice President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, Roy Crowell, John Duran, Wayne Hamler, Irish Jade, James, Alastair & Owen Keys, Kenneth Mahalko, Richard & Joshua Sullivan, Jerry Urdahl, Bob Werner.  (Total 16)


Junior Session presented by Doug Anderson.

Business Meeting commenced at 7:51 pm

Catherine summarized the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved, and gave a brief financial report.


Old Business


December Coin Show:

Larry: Roy is handling advertising and road signs.  The tables are now sold out.  John D is taking care of posters for distribution, and will bring these along to the December Party.  We need people to volunteer to staff the Club Table at the entrance door during the show, and to encourage attendees to fill out the survey forms.

Volunteers for Club Table: John T. &  Charly 9:00 – 11:00, Doug – 11:00 – 2:00, Catherine 2:00 – 4:00.

Larry will take care of the Vouchers for the door prizes.

Title for show:  “The Chippewa Valley Coin Club Winter Show”

Roy:  Advertising – Coin World, 2 weeks at $11.00 per week; Leader Telegram – 1 ad for 7 days; Trading Post - $75 for 2 weeks. 

   (I’m not sure I got all this info down correctly – Catherine)

Roy:  Ask John T. to re-do the survey form to split the “Newspapers” section into:  Leader Telegram, Trading Post; and “Signs” into Poster, Road Signs.

The last show had a high survey count for “Newspaper”, but this doesn’t indicate which newspaper brought the show to their attention.

We can have access to the room at 7:00 a.m. and need to have some members there to make sure the tables are set up correctly.  Need enough posters on morning of show, to display around the hotel. 

(We will also need to get the hotel to assist with display of the Club Banner (they objected to us taping it to the wall at the Spring Show and said we should ask for their display boards/easels to attach it to the next time). – Catherine)

Ken:  Came in form North Crossing.  There was a sign there, but not very noticeable, and the next sign was too far up the off ramp at next turn off.

Larry: suggests putting ribbons/streamers on the signs to catch the wind and the eye.

Roy: We need a sign in front of Kmart, pointing west.

Roy:  Pot of Coffee $22.21 & donuts $11.59 (2 doz). He has arranged for this for his previous shows. 
The meeting agreed that this should be supplied again.


Christmas Party:

Larry:  Connell’s II at the Airport.  We have a sign-up sheet today, to get an indication of how many will be attending.  Menu: $14.95.  A children’s menu is also available on request.

The Board of Directors and Executive Officers had a meeting last month and came to a decision about the cash rebate for the Christmas Parties. Members attending the Party will get a rebate in cash equal to their membership payment. (i.e. $10 for family membership, $6 for individual, or $5/$3 if pro-rated membership paid for part-year.)

Door prizes will be different this year.

Time: gathering 6:30-7:00 pm, short (10 mins.) meeting, dinner, auction.


Club Brochure:

Table this item until John T. is here.

Remind everyone to send in their replies to John T. regarding ideas for the Club Brochure.


New Business:


Parks & Rec. Building:

Larry: Starting in January, we will have this meeting room from 7:00 until 9:30 pm.


New Coins:

Today, the Mint has announced that 2 new nickels will be minted in 2004, honoring Thomas Jefferson and commemorating the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis & Clark.



Catherine:  If anyone has anything to include in the newsletter, please send it in!  I work on the newsletter during the third week of each month, to get it out in time to remind everyone of the next Club meeting, and also include the minutes of the last meeting. 


Business portion of meeting closed at 8:11 pm

Next Meeting: 

Christmas Party at Connells II at Airport.  Menu: $14.95.

Auction:  Members may bring up to 5 lots to auction.


January Meeting:

January 8th (note this date is second Thursday)

Volunteer for Junior Session:  Charly


Door Prizes:

1964 Silver Half Dollar Wayne

1955 Silver Quarter       – Doug

Silver Canadian Quarter – James

1971 JFK                      – John D.

1899 Indianhead Penny – Jerry

1911 Wheatie                – Bob



Auction conducted by Roy.




Larry:  submitted expenses for refreshments $8:65


            Table sales for Dec. Show:  $630


Treasurer’s Report


Opening balance in Bank………………….        $569.80


            Sale of tables ……………………..       $630.00



Refreshments ……….………….…       $    8.65

Closing balance in Bank……………………     $1191.15


Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.