Meeting: October 2nd, 2003.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Charly Koehler (Vice President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, Roy Crowell, John Duran, Alastair & Owen Keys, Kenneth Mahalko, John Tester, Jerry Urdahl, Bob Werner.  (Total 12)

New Member:  Kelly O’Brien


Junior Session postponed to next meeting.  (Doug did not receive his Newsletter, so did not get reminded to prepare for this session.  He will do the Junior Session at the November meeting and Charly can do the following session.)


Business Meeting commenced at 7:50 pm


Catherine summarized the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved, and gave a brief financial report.

Pro-rated Membership Fee received from new member Kelly O’Brien for remainder of 2003.


Larry: Welcome to new member Kelly O’Brien.


Old Business


Coin Show:

Roy: After last show, went through and repositioned the tables;  Can get 27 in comfortably.

Larry:  Would like more of a “club” participation;  Members have up to October 18th for first choice of tables, then cut off at about 20 tables.

Roy: At the show on Oct. 26th – will give out flyers about the December show.  The hotel has new tables in use, they are wider.  The Club will still make about $150.

John T:  It would be nice to have some displays also.

Roy: Discovered, when putting up posters, that almost every convenience store in town has a bulletin board!

Larry:  Made up a Show Preparation Sheet, with jobs laid out for organizing the coin shows.  A job checklist.

John: Posters can be designed and put up on the Website and can then be printed off as needed.

John D: Will be chairman of the Poster Committee, along with John T and Charly.


Charly:  Expressed thanks to Roy for giving us this spot in December for our Club Show.  This helps to bring in more members and revenue.

Larry:  Would like to do something extra special again, with the increased revenue, like the end-of-year pizza party we held last May.

Roy: Expressed his great pleasure in seeing people volunteering to do things for the Club, just like tonight’s responses.


Outdoor Signs:

Roy has these signs.  All point left or right, none point straight ahead!

Roy:  For wintertime, when the ground is hard, will hinge two signs to stand together.


Christmas Party:

Bob: Checked out Connells at the Airport.  Menu:  $14.95.  Discussed getting bigger room.  Need to get people to commit to attending.  For Junior Members, the restaurant has a children’s menu.

Larry:  Put details and RSVP contact in November Newsletter.


New Business:


Leonard Jordan:

Roy:  Received a phone call from Leonard, yesterday.  He has been sick for 6 weeks, and is currently in hospital, but Roy omitted to ask which hospital.  The Club will send him a get-well card to his home address.


New Member:

Larry:  We welcome Kelly O’Brien to the Club. Kelly’s interest is in ancient Roman and Greek coins.


Roy’s next Show:

Roy:  Has 16 tables at this point for his next show.


Club Brochure:

John T:  New Club tri-fold brochure – draft – was given to everyone in attendance to take home and edit and send back ideas/amendments A.S.A.P. so we have it ready by the next meeting.

Roy:  Possibly consider 11 x 14 (legal size) page and make it a four-fold brochure?

Larry:  Include membership form which can be torn off.

Send amendments to John T.

Bob: The Club could investigate the cost of including flyers in the periodic coupon/flyer packets that come in the mail.  Bob will check this out.


Business portion of meeting closed at 8:13 pm


Educational Session:

Ken Mahalko gave a presentation on collecting Canadian Coins.  He also had some coins to share with any members who wanted to take a few.

Thanks Ken for a great presentation!


Next Meeting: 

Auction:  Members may bring up to 5 lots to auction.

Volunteer for Junior Session 5 – 15 mins:  Doug.

Volunteer for January Junior Session:  Charly



Door Prizes:

Wartime Nickel                     - Charly

Mercury Dime                       - John D.

English Penny 1912             - Roy

Indianhead Cent                   - Doug

’64 Kennedy Half - Ken                     



Auction conducted by Roy.




Larry:  submitted expenses for refreshments $8:15


Membership (Kelly) $3.00

Show Tables:  Roy Crowell $35.00, Larry Hamler $65.00



Treasurer’s Report


Opening balance in Bank………………….       $474.95


                Membership ………………………     $    3.00

                Sale of tables ……………………..     $100.00



Refreshments ……….………….…     $    8:15

Closing balance in Bank……………………     $569.80




Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.