Meeting: September 4th, 2003.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Charly Koehler (Vice President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, Roy Crowell, John Duran, Wayne Hamler, Mike Hannan, Leonard Jordan, Alastair & James Keys, Kenneth Mahalko, John Tester, Jerry Urdahl, Bob Werner.  (Total 15)


Junior Session conducted by Larry.


Business Meeting commenced at 7:54 pm


Catherine summarized the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved, and gave a brief financial report.

Membership fee received from Leonard Jordan for 2003.


Larry:  Welcomed everyone back after the summer break.  Good turnout for the first meeting of the season.  Welcomed new member Kenneth Mahalko.  If any members have anything to add to the newsletter, please send to Catherine.

State Quarters – Missouri – now out.


Old Business


American Numismatic Association:

Larry:  We have reestablished membership in ANA, and got our old membership number back.


Board of Directors

Larry:  We had tabled until this fall, the question about the composition of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the Club.

See Constitution, on Website.


Article III – Officers

Section 1 - There shall be a President, Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer.   There shall also be a Board of Directors which consists of three members.  The Officers and Board of Directors shall all be nominated at the annual meeting.  The Officers shall be elected for two year terms, and the Board of Directors a three year term with one being elected each year.

Section II - Any member in good standing is eligible to hold Office.


We need to re-establish a Board of Directors.

Roy:  Suggest we appoint 3 people tonight, and start the annual rotation with the remainder of this year.  One member will do a short 1-year term ending January 1, 2004; another will do the shortened 2-year term and a third will take the shortened 3-year term.

Volunteers from the floor:

Doug volunteered to do the1-year term (ends Jan 1st 2004)

Bob volunteered for the 2-year term (ends Jan. 1st 2005) 

Leonard volunteered for the 3-year term (ends Jan. 1st 2006)

Provide each member of the Board of Directors with a copy of the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws.

The appointments were approved, with no objections.

Our new Board of Directors consists of:  Doug Anderson, Bob Werner and Leonard Jordan.


Numismatic News:

There was a half-page article in NN, April 22, 2003, Vol. 52, #16, Pg. 34, about the Club Show in April, with a photo!

Larry: Sent John T a copy of the CVCC article in Numismatic News to put on the website.  However, John did not receive it; Larry to resend.


Club Brochure:

Larry: Asked John T about progress on the Club’s new tri-fold pamphlet.

John T:  Got started, but nothing more done.  The content has been agreed upon.  Need to get some graphics for coins.

Second Club Show:

Roy:  At previous meetings there has been discussion about having two Club shows per year.  It was discussed several times and voted down.  3 – 4 years ago, the Club had a second show, but it was not well supported.  Roy is now offering the December 14th show date if the Club would like to try again.

Show of hands:  10 for YES to try doing a second show this year.

Larry:  Proposed a motion for the Club to sponsor the Sunday, December 14th Show at the Holiday Inn.

Seconded: Leonard

The motion was passed.


Roy:  The show has already been advertised in calendars as an Eau Claire Coin Show, and he will change the future advertising to reflect that it is being sponsored by the Club.

Larry:  Size of room?

Roy:  Has already contracted with the Holiday Inn to use the larger area.  Already has 22 tables booked for the September 21st show.  Room fee is $300.  20 tables would bring in about $625, which allows plenty of money for room hire, advertising, etc.   If the December show is not well supported, then can revert to the smaller-size room for the April show.

Some discussion about using Malls for Shows.   However, it was pointed out that the shows in Eau Claire have a good reputation, and existing facilities are satisfactory.

Roy will handle the applications for the show.

Tables:  $35 each, $65 for two.

For Club members – starting next month (October), members can put in their fees to reserve tables.  Send out applications with next Newsletter.

Roy will be giving out applications at the October show - to reserve tables for the December show.

Bob:  Suggests having a supply of the Club’s Newsletters at Roy’s shows.

John T:  Also, add the membership application form on the Newsletters.


New Business:


Christmas Party:

Larry:  Christmas Party – looking for suggestions for venue.

After discussion, Larry: Proposed a motion to have the party at Connell’s II at the Airport.

Seconded:  John D.

Motion passed.

Bob will reserve the room for the first Thursday in December.

Roy:  Let people at Parks & Rec Dept know that we won’t be here in December.

Larry:  Will deal with it.  Has already amended the January date to the following week (due to New Year’s Day).


Next Meeting:  Education

Volunteer to host the education part of the meeting:  Ken Mahalko

Volunteer for October Junior Session, (5 – 15 mins):  Doug.

Volunteer for November Junior Session:  Charly


Storage space:

John T:  Cabinets for Club? Noticed some in this room.  We could leave files and name tags, etc. in a lock-up storage cabinet. 

John D:  It is possible we might already have a cabinet on another floor of the building, from long ago.

Will find out.


Meeting closed at 8:28 pm


Door Prizes:

Buffalo Nickel                       - James

Mercury Dime                       - Larry

Philippine Penny                  - Catherine

Indianhead Cent                   - Leonard

Indianhead Cent                   - John T.

’64 Silver Kennedy Half      - John D.                               



Auction conducted by Roy.




Larry:  submitted expenses for refreshments $7.87


Membership (Leonard) $6.00


Treasurer’s Report


Opening balance in Bank………………….       $448.82


                Membership ………………………     $    6.00

                Cash deposit ………………………    $  28.00



Refreshments ……….………….…     $    7.87

Closing balance in Bank……………………     $474.95 




Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.