Chippewa Valley Coin Club

Minutes of the May 3, 2007 Meeting


Meeting started: 7:35 pm

Attendance: 23

Topic of Interest:

            Gem & Mineral Show that John Duran participated in on April 21 & 22.


Old Business:

            Spring Show Finance final report.


                            Table Sales:                      $775.00


                            Room Rental: $   323.65

                            Coin World:          33.00

                            Trading Post:        56.00

                            Leader Telegram:156.10

                            Gift Certificates:    25.00     

                            Total expenses:                  593.75    

                                  Net Income of Show:  $ 181.25     



            Reading of April 5th meeting minutes by Doug Anderson.


            Renaissance Festival @ South middle School on 4/12/07 from 5:00 til 8:00 pm.

                        We gave away 28, year 2005 Nickel sets.



                        On 5/11/07 the ANA was contacted.   They are sending an invoice and application to the club                                              mailing address.   From their records, we were members from 1999 to 2005.

                        I am working on finding contact information for the Numismatist of Wis.


New Business:


            Pizza's ordered from Sammy's Pizza by Doug Anderson:

                        Six pizza's and four 2-liters of pop cost $96.80 ( of $12.50)+ $11.80 (tip) = $108.60


            New Members: Welcome Steve McQuiston & Family


            Treasurers Report:              April                                                

            Balance Forward             $1014.25                                                         


               Dues:                               22.00                                                             


               Advertising-show             245.10

               Door Prizes-show              25.00         

               Refreshments                     6.53                                 

            Balance:                          $759.62



            Show Schedule for 2007 - 2008:

                        October    28

                        December  2

                        January    27

                        April          6

                Roy Crowell gave me the Holiday Inn contracts for the 12/2/07 & 4/6/08 shows.

                        Room Fee: $300.00 + Coffee (1 gallon) $18.99


Presentation: Samuel Zwickel distributed a handout to everyone that included a Buffalo Nickel.

                     Samuel talked about the history of this Nickel including years minted (1913-1938), correct series                             name (Five-Cent Indian Head), key date (1921s), design on the reverse is of a Bison not a Buffalo and                               cost.   The cost of a complete set in Very-Good would be about $880.00 while Extra-Fine would be                     about $8,000.00.   Samual also talked of the history of where Buffalo and Bison animals are found.





Door Prizes:

            Wayne Hamler:             

            Samuel Zwickel:   

            Charly koehler:      1953d Franklin

            Barry Richardson:  1947s Dime

            Roy Crowell:          Quarter

            Ashley McQuiston: 1962 Franklin

            Doug Anderson:      1889 Indian Head Cent

            Steve McQuiston:

            Larry Hamler:         Mercury Dime

            Jerry Urdahl:          ? Holed

            Barb Koehler:

            Jason Jorstad:       1960d Lincoln Cent


Auction @ 8:10 pm conducted by Doug Anderson


Pizza Party @ 8:30 pm.


Submitted by: Van Jorstad