Meeting: April 8th, 2004.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Charly Koehler (Vice President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, John Duran, Wayne Hamler, James Keys, Alastair Keys, Owen Keys, Kenneth Mahalko, Kelly O’Brien & Becka, Joshua Sullivan, John Tester, Jerry Urdahl, Bob Werner.  (Total 16)

Apologies from:  Roy Crowell (at Rice Lake Meeting)

We are pleased to report that Leonard Jordan is well again, and back at work.


Junior Session on currency notes presented by Larry Hamler.


Catherine summarized the minutes of the last meeting (March) and gave a brief financial report.


Pre-meeting discussion:

Larry got a “tracking note” in change - $1.00 with written on it.  The idea is to track where this note has been, by entering the serial number on this website.



Old Business


SMS – Renaissance Fair

The Club had 4 tables at the Fair.  Manning the tables, and providing exhibits, were: Roy Crowell; Catherine Keys & her 4 boys; John Duran; Kelly O’Brien & family.  John brought along a box of grab bags for sale, and free coins to distribute to children.  He had some of the new nickels to distribute, which generated a lot of interest, as it was the first time for most people to see them.  There was a good attendance, in a high-traffic area, and a lot of interest in the display items.


Spring Show

Roy sent word that all the advertising is taken care of for the Show.

Larry: has posters printed up. Members, please take some to distribute.  There will also be the Door Prize drawing at the Show, as usual.  Coin World has provided 2 free half-year subscriptions for a drawing also, along with a box of free issues to hand out.

Volunteers needed to work the Club Table during the Show:

First Shift (9:00 – 11:00): Charly

Second Shift (11:00 – 1:00): John T., and/or others    (Doug may be able to help out, also).

Third Shift (1:00 – end):  Catherine

Roy will bring a bag of wheaties to distribute and John T. will make up little bags with Club info and put a wheat penny in each.

All the money for the tables has now been received by Treasurer.  All tables have been sold.



New Business:


Charly:  Suggests putting a monthly itinerary on the website, to list what to do each month throughout the year for the various Club activities.


Catherine: displayed clipping from Leader Telegram about “Money laundering” – currency going through washing tests before being passed as fit for circulation. Sunday, April 4, 2004.


May Meeting

Bob: Proposed a motion that the club buy Pizza and Pop for the May meeting.  
Wayne.   Motion Passed.

Larry will organize getting the pizza and pop.  If anyone wants to bring desserts to share, please do.

Larry volunteered to do the Educational Section. Topic: State Quarters, with a Quiz.  Prize for the winner.


Show Survey Cards / Door Prize forms

John T:  We need to get everyone to fill out a form, before entry to room, and before handing out the gift coin.  Probably don’t even need address details on the form, just NAME, so can be called if they win a door prize.  Can redesign the forms for next show.  We should have name labels available also


Storage Cabinet:

Larry:  There is no longer any storage cabinet in the building for the Coin Club.  If anyone finds one at a Thrift Sale for about $20 - $30, buy it for the Club and get reimbursed.


Business portion of meeting closed at 8:24 pm


Next Meeting: 

Thursday, May 6th, 2004.  Pizza Party.

Educational  -   State Quarters & Quiz, presented by Larry.

Auction:  Members may bring up to 5 lots to auction.

Volunteer for Junior Session:  ???


Door Prizes:

1964 Kennedy Half – Kelly

1984 Silver foreign coin – Charly

1928 Liberty Quarter – Larry

1912 V-nickel – Becka

1937 Mercury Dime – Ken

1887 Indianhead - Joshua



Auction conducted by John T.



Payments today:

Larry:  submitted expenses for refreshments, photocopying….  $22.92

Catherine:  submitted expenses for postage, photocopying, etc. $95.52


Treasurer’s Report

Opening balance in Bank……………………………………………….           $908.63


                Refreshments, postage, photocopying, etc….…………………    $118.44 -


                Show Tables sold ……………………………………………..         $260.00                  


Closing balance in Bank…………………………………………………$1,050.19




Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.