Chippewa Valley Coin Club

Minutes of the April 5, 2007 Meeting


Meeting started: 7:40 pm

Attendance: 21

Topic of Interest:

            Washington Dollar Error coins.

                        Larry Hamler noted that some coins have been shaved on the edge to produce a "fake" plain edge error.  

He said to check coins weight and diameter to ensure a genuine error.   Kenneth Mahalko said PCGS is paying rewards to people that submit the first example of some select error                    coins.


Old Business:

            Spring Show Finance report.


                            Table Sales:                      $775.00


                            Room Rental: $   323.65

                            Coin World:          33.00

                            Trading Post:        56.00

                            Leader Telegram:    ?

                            Gift Certificates:    25.00     

                            Total expenses:                  437.65    

                                  Net Income to Date:   $ 337.35     


                 We have not received the Leader-Telegram bill yet.   Roy Crowell said it would be about $150.00 or so. 

This would bring our Net Income for the show to about $187.35.


            Renaissance Festival @ South middle School on 4/12/07 from 5:00 til 8:00 pm (set up @ 4:00 pm)

                        We will be presenting Coin Collecting to the Community through:

                        Display of coins, printed materials - (books, magazines, pamphlets), videos and conversation. 

Tentatively, we may give away year 2005 Ocean in View and American Bison Nickels.


            The new club address will be John Duran's P.O. Box.


New Business:


            Roy brought up that the club should become members or continue membership in the ANA and the 

Numismatist of Wis.   The Cost would be about $10 for the Numismatist and about $34.00 for the ANA.

            Benefits to the club would be the receiving of the publications, source of educational materials, and inclusion in the publications coin show calendar.

The club has been a member of the ANA.

            Barb Koehler made a Motion to become members of both organizations and Roy Crowell 2nd.

            Motion passed.


            Spring Show 2008: Larry Hamler suggested March 30, 2008.


Presentation: Samuel Zwickel distributed a handout to everyone that included a Lincoln Cent.

                     Samuel talked about why it would not be a good idea to collect modern Lincoln cents.  

He said they would not be worth anything due to the Mint producing billions of them each year.   He did talk about

collecting the older Lincoln's including the key date coins because they are valuable.


Door Prizes @ 8:25 pm

            Wayne Hamler:      40% silver Kennedy Half        

            Samuel Zwickel:    1964 Canadian Dime Prooflike

            Charly Koehler:      1982 Canadian Dollar

            Barry Richardson: 1957 Netherlands silver

            John Duran:          1957 Sweden 25 Ore silver

            Nancy Boodle:       1950 German Mark


Auction @ 8:30 pm


Adjourn @ 8:58 pm



Minutes submitted by Van Jorstad.