Meeting: April 3rd, 2003.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Charly Koehler (Vice President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, Roy Crowell, John Duran, Wayne Hamler, Mike Hannan, Alastair & James Keys, Richard & Joshua Sullivan, John Tester, Jerry Urdahl, Bob Werner.

(Total 15)



There was a Junior Educational Session before the meeting started, conducted by Larry, on the topic of “grading coins.”


Catherine read the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved.


Old Business


Name Tags:

Bob had given the tags to John T at last meeting, and John brought along the newly printed Club name tags for everyone.  They look good, Thank You!


Road Signs:

            Doug will handle road signs for the upcoming Show.

            Charly has a sign to donate to club (needs painting).


Club Table at Show:

            The timetable for staffing the Club’s table:

            8:00      10:00          Doug

            10:00    12:00          Charly

            12:00   2:00            Catherine

            2:00      4:00            Mike

            John T. will also be attending, to assist where needed.

            There will be extra copies of the newsletter to hand out.

Get visitors to fill out slips for the Door Prize drawings to indicate how they found out about the Show.

Drawing every hour starting at 10:00

A microphone will be available.

Possibly get people to sign up to enter room, will get a good count of people showing up and help with security issues.

Have only one door opened for entry. (The other door must not be locked, but can be closed to deter entry.)

Roy will bring a glass tank for table for Drawing. Catherine to bring large jar for donations.  John D. has a fish bowl also that has been used at previous shows (to check if Roy or John has this at present).

A representative from Numismatic News will be attending the Show.


Advertising on TV: 

Jerry has arranged for an interview of club members by Judy Clark on Channel 13.   Roy confirmed arrangements with the TV station on Monday, March 31st.  Roy and Alastair (junior member) will be interviewed for the “Live at Five” news program. Roy will be promoting the Club, Coin Show, and National Coin Week (April 20-26). Alastair will bring along some items from his collection to talk about.


Library Exhibit

Roy has arranged for a locked display case in the Library with exhibits from the Club, for the whole month of April.  Members can place exhibits in the display.  Roy has already placed some items and reference materials in the case.  Catherine has prepared some display signs (“National Coin Week”, “Club details”, “What’s on the Dollar?”, “March Newsletter”) and placed them on top of the display case, along with handouts.



New Business:


South Middle School Renaissance Fair:

At James’ school, there is a fair on Thursday April 10th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.  Catherine has arranged for the Club to have a couple of tables, to promote the Coin Club.  Roy said that he participated in this fair a few years ago.

James & Alastair have items to display.  Roy and Larry will bring displays also.
Charly will bring the club display cases to the Show on Sunday, to give to Catherine. Roy has two video tapes about coins that we can play during the evening (Roy will bring a small TV/VCR).



Catherine presented details for getting a Club Banner made, having checked with local businesses and on the Internet.  It costs approx. $75 for a 2’ x 8’ vinyl banner for indoor/outdoor use.  Extra charges for color, graphics, shipping, etc.

Larry:  Proposed a motion that the Club get an indoor/outdoor banner made up, plus a small banner for use at displays.

Seconded:  Charly.

Motion passed.

Catherine will get banner made up.


May Meeting:

Larry volunteered to do a trivia competition on the “New State Quarters” 1999 to present.  The three people with the most points win prizes.

Larry:  As the meeting will be the last of the season, we should do something different, such as bring in pizzas & soda, etc.

The Membership agreed with this idea.
Charly: Proposed a motion that the Club have a Pizza Party at the May meeting, with a maximum of $50 of club funds be spent on it.

Seconded: Larry

Motion passed.



Roy: suggests addition to website - a list of the meeting dates and whether they are “Auction” / “Education”, etc., as a reminder for members.

September meeting will be Auction.


2004 Show

            Wayne: Has the room for next year’s show been set?

            Roy: Will schedule at same time as his own shows, and investigate bigger room.

Larry: Spoke to the Hotel, and they will give a good price for a bit of extra space in the other room, so we don’t have to take the whole room.


Door Prizes for Meetings:

Larry: we are running low on items for the door prizes.  Need to get club to agree to spend $75 to restock supplies of these.

Roy: At the Rice Lake club meeting they have Silver Half, Eisenhour Dollar, and Wooden Nickel, and a “50/50” drawing.  (In the 50/50, every member participating puts in $1.00 and the proceeds are divided with half going to the winner of that drawing, and half to the club funds).

Doug: Proposed a motion that the Club spends $75 to restock with miscellaneous items for the meeting door prizes.

Seconded: Jerry

Larry will take responsibility to buy the coins, and will approach as many Club members as possible, to buy the items from them.

Motion passed.




Club Photographs:

John D: has given Catherine two diskettes to keep on file, containing photos taken at club activities.

Roy: asked John to take a photo of the Library display sometime during the month.


Next Newsletter:

If anyone has anything to add to the newsletter, please send to Catherine.  The newsletter will be produced around the third week of the month.

Bob: Could add information about educational topics being presented at future meetings.



Meeting closed at 8:25 p.m.


Charly’s Speech!

Charly made another great speech at the end of the meeting, thanking everyone for their work, and expressing great excitement about how the Club is going and the good quality of participation.


John T:  Asked if members would like to see more displays at meetings?

Reply from membership:  YES!


Jerry: Asked why club diminished?

Larry: About 12 years ago, the membership dropped off and stagnated to a handful of members who stuck it out and kept the club going.

John T:  There was also some sort of incident at a show.



Door Prizes:

1964 Half dollar         - Alastair

Kennedy Half             - Richard

Kennedy Half             - Wayne

Mercury Silver dime - Joshua

Buffalo Nickel            - Mike

Proof Penny               - Larry




John T. conducted the auction.




Larry:  submitted expenses for photocopying of extra newsletters for handout at the Show ($25.32), and Refreshments ($7.15); Total: $32.47

Larry:  $75 for buying door prizes for club meetings.

Larry:  $30 for door prizes for Show.

Roy: presented the invoices for payment for Eau Claire Press Company ($137.20) and Trading Post Buyers Guide ($48.40). Catherine to pay directly to the individual companies.

Mike Hannan: Membership dues $6.00.













Treasurer’s Report


Opening balance in Bank……….  $1003.37



Sale of table……………… $    65.00


Expenses (itemized above):

Photocopying……. ………  $    25.32

Refreshments ……………   $      7.15

Meeting Door Prizes……..  $    75.00

Show Door Prizes………..   $    30.00

E.C. Press Company……. $  137.20

Trading Post……………….$    48.40


Closing balance in Bank…………  $  745.50



Cash on hand……………..$22.00

            Memberhip Dues… $  6.00

Total cash on hand ………$28.00






Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.