Meeting: March 6th, 2003.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Charly Koehler (Vice President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, Bob Werner, John Tester, Roy Crowell, Richard & Joshua Sullivan, Alastair Keys, John Duran, Mike Hannan

(Total 12)



Catherine read the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved.


Old Business


Advertising on TV: 

Roy: stated that Jerry called him with details (as he would be out of town for tonight’s meeting).  On April 4th (Friday before the Coin Show) there will be an interview set up for a couple of club members, with Judy Clark of Channel 13.  Arrangements to be clarified by telephone with her on Monday, March 31st. 

Larry: suggested that Roy be one of the people interviewed. 

Roy agreed to do this.

John D:  Seems beneficial to have an adult plus a young person interviewed, to try to attract more young people to the hobby. 

Alastair will volunteer if needed!


National Coin Week April 20th-26th:

Roy:  Has arranged for an exhibit in the L.E. Phillips Library.  Got acceptance letter back from Library.  So, CVCC has a display case in the library for the WHOLE MONTH of April 1st – 30th!  Roy will check the case to see if the case locks.  If locks, can put coins/currency on display; if it doesn’t lock, can put paper displays.


Coin Show Sale of Tables: 

John T: sent out 24 applications on Feb. 3.  Eight tables were already sold to members, so by 18th Feb. all tables were sold.  He had to reject offers for 7 tables.  Some dealers were upset at not getting tables for the show.

Larry:  Next year’s show should be larger, taking up the two rooms.



            Larry:  Thanked Catherine for producing the Newsletter.


Coin Show Advertising:

Roy to place ad in Leader Telegram (2” sq., 7 days, $140, in different parts of the paper daily); To place ad in the Trading Post (2 weeks, $44).  Both papers don’t bill until end of the month.

John: Could also put links on other websites to our site.

Roy:  18 tables inside the room, so the Club table will be outside the room.  We will have some papers from Numismatic News to display.

Bob:  We should have a stack of the latest newsletter available at the Show.



New Business:


Coin Show:

Larry: We will get about 100 copies printed up of the March Newsletter and made available at the Show.  Has got survey/drawings slips printed up for the Show.  150 colorful posters printed to distribute.  Members can take some today, to distribute.


It would be useful to have some club members who are not attending to dealer tables, to take turns to attend to the Club table.  We’ll have a sign-up sheet at the next meeting.


Larry:  Running the Club Table at Show – At next meeting, set up a timetable:  Charly, John T, Doug, Catherine volunteered to help.


Certificates have been printed for Door Prizes also.

Roy: Will bring tank for Door Prize entries.

John D: Donated small tank to Club for $ donations at Show.



Larry: Approach dealers and ask if they want a copy sent to them each month.  For example - $5.00 per year to cover costs.  What about advertisements on reverse of newsletter?

Roy:  At St. Paul last Saturday – the Liberty Coin Club required everyone who had a table at their show to join the club ($4) – something to do with their non-profit status.

John T:  Put on the Newsletter  Join the Club, get the Newsletter free!”

Larry: Or perhaps -  If you want a subscription to the Newsletter, pay $____ and it will be mailed to you.  Newsletter comes Free with membership in the Club.”


Include Newsletter in the display at the Library.

Roy: Will write something for the next Newsletter regarding state quarters.

Larry:  If any members want to put something in the Newsletter, send it to Catherine.

John T:  Catherine could publish it in HTML format – suitable for both putting on the web and for printing out.




Advertising Signs for Club:

Doug:  Fixtures for signs – will get them done in time for Show.


Name Tags:

Bob purchased tags.

John T to take care of making up nametags for members. 

First name, last name, & Club.


Board of Directors:

Catherine had some questions about who comprises this group of three members, as it is listed in the Club’s Constitution.   This will be put on the Agenda for the September meeting.


Associate Members:

The list of “Associate Members” can be removed from the website and roster, as this is not a paying membership of the Club.  Don’t mail anything to them.


Meeting closed at 8:25 p.m.


Charly’s Speech!

Charly made a speech at the end of the meeting, thanking Larry for taking on the job of Presidency and Catherine for her great job in role of Secretary, and thanking Roy for everything he does for the Club, and John T for doing so much for promoting the Club via the Website.  He congratulated everyone, and said we have a good club going and things are looking up for the future.


Great Speech Charly!




1.         Roy gave a talk on World Coins.


2.         John T gave a demo of the Club’s website.  url:

Larry to e-mail an Introduction Page to John T for the Website.

John T: Also spoke to Don Johnson (Life Member) and asked him to write down some notes about the Club.  Also, any of the “older” members are welcome to send some notes and reminiscences about the Club.


Door Prizes:

1969 S Proof half dollar - John T.

1972 D BU half dollar - Bob

1867 2-cent - Mike




No auction, as we ran out of time.



Larry:  submitted expenses for Coin World Advert ($33.00); posters, survey and certificate printing ($17.26); refreshments ($8.74); Total: $59.00. 

Roy: submitted expenses for door prizes, etc., for the Club meetings: $10 roll of 1964 Kennedy half dollars, silver; 2 proof half dollars 72D, 69S; 1867 2 cent; Total: $30.00

Bob: submitted expenses for name tag purchases: $28.47.

Catherine: submitted expenses for postage ($7.40) and purchase of secretarial file box & filing supplies ($15.74); Total: $23.40.

Brian Zinn: Membership dues $6.00

John T:  Receipts from sale of tables for Show: $330.00


Door prizes on hand: one 2002 Silver Eagle, six circulated Kennedy half dollars.



Treasurer’s Report


Opening balance in Bank……….  $808.24


Sale of tables…………….. $330.00

            Membership dues ……….      $6.00

Expenses (itemized above):


Roy…………………………. $30.00


Bob…………………………. $28.47


Closing balance in Bank………. $1003.37



Cash balance on hand: $22.00





Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.