Meeting: March 4th, 2004.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, John Duran, Alastair & Owen Keys, Kenneth Mahalko, Jerry Urdahl.  (Total 8)


Junior Session presented by Larry Hamler.

Catherine summarized the minutes of the last meeting (Jan.) and gave a brief financial report and report on status of membership dues paid.


Spring Show checks received:

Terry Parzcyk 2 tables $65

John Schindler 2 tables $65

Jerry Grade 1 table $35


Pre-meeting discussion:

Doug:  why price of silver going so high?  - Because the value of our $ is going down in the economic sector.  Last year approx. 4 Euros or US$4  bought an ounce of silver, but this year its 4 Euro / $6 for the ounce of silver.   Copper has been affected also.

Doug might produce an article on this topic, which would be very important to coin collectors.

There was also discussion about the price of gold and the use of the gold standard/silver standard.


Old Business


Spring Show

Roy: advertising in hand, Trading Post, Leader Telegram, Numismatic News, Coin World.

Larry:  when we last heard from John T., there were 14 tables sold.

Roy: Ken Hollister said he wants 3; John Bastolick and Keith Kwallek not sent in request yet.  Will send e-mails.

Larry:  at next meeting, set up volunteer schedule for manning the club table at the door.  We’ll do $5 certificates, as previously.


Storage Cabinet:

John D:  the Club used to have one, it was upstairs, and it should still be there.  Will check with custodian at the end of this meeting.



New Business:


Spring Show

Larry:  Received letter from Numismatic News - will send us a couple of 6-month subscriptions and freebie stuff for drawings, and slips for door prize.
Roy:  Then, they ask you to send the slips back to them - they use it for their mailing list!

Larry: If anyone wants to set up a display, let us know.  The club has a couple of display cases and locks.

Roy:  We used to have 4 cases.

Catherine has two, Charly has one (cracked glass, needs repair).  Don’t know where the other one is.

Larry:  John T is not here today, we want to see how far he’s got with the Club Brochure.  We want to set up a club promo packet including the brochure and a wheatie.  The Club would have to buy a couple of hundred wheat cents.

Roy:  has a milk can full, and will donate some to the Club for this project.


Renaissance at South Middle School – April 1st.

Catherine: replied to the invitation, that CVCC would be happy to have a display at the Fair.  Have asked for 3 tables.

Roy, John D., Larry, Catherine & family, all interested in participating.  Anyone else like to come and help out, or display items? Set up time is from 4:00–5:00 pm. Event takes place 5:00–8:00 pm.  Free, and open to the public. 


Fall Show

Larry: Ask Roy to check with the hotel for a Saturday in December for the Fall Show (not Sunday, as last year).


Business portion of meeting closed at 8:34 pm


Next Meeting: 

Thursday, April 8th, 2004.  (Auction)

Auction:  Members may bring up to 5 lots to auction.

Volunteer for Junior Session:  ???


Education Section:

Doug Anderson gave a great presentation on Dollar Coins, along with a quiz.  The prize (Susan B. Anthony Dollar) was won by Ken Mahalko for getting the best score on the quiz.


Door Prizes:

1935 S Mercury Dime – John D.

1971 S Proof Quarter – Larry

1902 Indianhead Penny – Alastair

1916 Buffalo Nickel – Roy

N. Dakota Token – Doug

1964 D Silver Kennedy Half – Owen



Auction conducted by Roy.



Payments today:

Larry:  submitted expenses for refreshments $6.96

John D: submitted expenses for refreshments (coffee & cups) $3.72

Receipts today:

Table sales for April Show:  $165


Treasurer’s Report

Opening balance in Bank……………………………………………….           $756.31


                Refreshments ………..…………………………    10.68                                                                   


                Show Tables sold ………………………………       165.00


Closing balance in Bank…………………………………………………$908.63




Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.