Meeting: February 6th, 2003.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Charly Koehler (Vice President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, Bob Werner, John Tester, Roy Crowell, Jerry Urdahl, Richard & Joshua Sullivan, Alastair Keys

(Total 11)



Doug spent time with Joshua & Alastair discussing collecting coins in general.


Meeting started at 7:54 p.m.

Catherine arrived late and expressed apologies. (family scheduling conflict)

Charly took notes and Larry started reading minutes until Catherine arrived at 7:58.

Catherine continued with the reading of the minutes.  These had been e-mailed to members and John T. had put them up on the club website in the members-only section. Printed copies were also available at the meeting.



Old Business

Archive notes: 

Charly brought in some of the archive notes.  The rest are at John T’s:


Coin Show: 

            John T: 8 tables already sold.  Applications have been sent out to other dealers.

Catherine to print out application forms from the website so that they are on hand in case needed.  John will put up a note on website to show how many tables are still available at any time.



Jerry: for TV interview, wants to know when is National Coin Week?

Answer: April 20th-26th.

He will make contact with TV personnel in time for next meeting.


Door Prizes:

Larry: again proposes no more door prizes.  Other suggestions – print tri-fold pamphlets with club logo, information and promotion, plus map for meetings, shows, website details, officers, schedule, etc.  Have it available at the door for shows.

Other suggestions from the floor: elongated, flattened pennies with club info imprinted; keychains; CVCC-info-stamped penny with hole for keychain.

Roy: Whatever we do, it should be something that is not readily thrown away.

Roy: Club stopped the wooden nickels because of the cost.  He thought, however, that they were good advertising.

Richard: Maybe look into buying the machine that makes the elongated, stamped penny?

Larry proposed a motion for a vote in favor or door prizes - Yes or No.

Seconded: Bob.

Show of hands:  Yes – 7, No – 4.

Motion passed that we give out door prizes at our Coin Show.


Name Tags:

Bob brought samples and approximate pricing details (40 clip-on tags for $37.)

Roy proposed a motion that the club purchases approx. 40 name tags for members – the first one per member is free, and thereafter $1.00 each.

Seconded: Doug.

Motion passed.


Advertising Signs for Club:

Bob made and donated 6 wooden signs for the club, with arrows (3 for each direction, left/right).

The club members noted the high quality of the signs and expressed many thanks to Bob.

Doug will check into getting fixtures made up to support the signs, and will report back to next meeting.


Education for Juniors:

Doug conducted this evening’s session with the 2 juniors.  Thanks Doug!

Bob donated Indian Head cents for juniors. 

Thanks Bob!

Larry asked juniors if they liked the session and want to continue.  Both boys expressed enthusiasm to continue.

Doug: asked what topic the juniors would you like to cover at next meeting.

Josh: Rare coins.



New Business


Meeting timetable:

Roy:  We need to nail down our meeting start time and get finished by 9:00 p.m. as we are supposed to be out of the room by that time.

Larry:  Juniors will get started by 7:30 and meeting will be started by 7:45 in future.



Catherine handed out printouts of the club membership list, and asked that all members check their details and inform her of any amendments.


Door Prizes:

Need to set a limit on door prizes at Coin Show.

Roy: Show starts at 10:00, so the door prizes would be drawn at 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00.       5 x $5 = $25     Redeemable certificates to dealers.

Larry proposed a motion that the club gives out a total of five $5.00 certificates at the Coin Show.

Seconded: Charly

Motion passed.



Roy has paper slips from the coin show attendees in previous drawings, with names, addresses, etc., and how they learned about the show.



Catherine reported that a checking account has been set up at US Bank in Eau Claire.  Checks will require 2 signatures.

(2 out of 3 designated signatures – Secr.-Treasurer / President / Vice Pres.)

$16 surplus cash received from John T. to add back into the club funds.

Larry:  submitted expenses for refreshments:  $19.98

John T: submitted expenses for postage:  $8.78

Membership dues received, John T: $6.00


Pamphlet for Club:

            For display and handing out at Show.

            Larry and John T. agree to work on it.

John T:  we should always mention the website on informational documents, and also on name tags.

Anyone with ideas for the pamphlet, please send by e-mail to John T.

Larry proposed a motion that Larry and John T. would produce a club pamphlet.

Seconded: Roy

Motion passed.



John: We previously mentioned sending out a newsletter to club members each month. 

Catherine to send out reminders about the 3rd week of the month. 

John T. & Larry to each write comments and pass on to Catherine for inclusion in the newsletter.


Club Posters:

Larry:  we need to get about 120 posters printed up at a copy-shop and have available for the next meeting.  With “Coin Show” in large print at the top of notice.  Black text on colored paper.

Larry proposed a motion that we get posters printed up for the Show, and distributed.

Seconded: Bob

Motion passed.

Roy agreed to get the copies printed at Kinko’s.


Items to add to agenda for next meeting:

Exhibits at Coin Show

Roy: We should be open to having exhibits at the Shows.  Set up right by the club table.  Can use club display cases (Charly has them).

We will talk about this at the next meeting.

2 Shows per year?

Charly: mentioned possibility of club hosting 2 Coin Shows per year.  To discuss at next meeting.


Next month’s Educational Part of Meeting:

John T. to do a website display on laptop. 

Larry with bring in a monitor.


Junior Education:

Roy:  Would juniors be interested in learning how to identify foreign coins? 

Reply: Yes.

Regular members also expressed interest in the topic, so Roy to hold this for May meeting.


Meeting closed at 8:55 p.m.


Tonight’s Door Prizes:

Due to lack of time, we did not do any door prizes.



Conducted by Roy.

John T. conducted a “reverse auction.”


Treasurer’s Report

Opening balance in Bank:  $837.00

Refreshment expenses (Larry): $19.98

Postage expenses (John T): $8.78

Closing balance in Bank:  $808.24  


Cash balance received from John T:  $16.00

Dues received from John T (cash): $6.00

Total cash on hand: $22.00





Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.