Meeting: February 5th, 2004.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, John Duran, Wayne Hamler, Mike Hannan, Alastair & Owen Keys, Kenneth Mahalko, Kelly O’Brien & Becky, John Tester, Jerry Urdahl, Bob Werner.  (Total 14)

Apologies received from Roy Crowell (out of town) and Leonard Jordan (confined to bed rest).


Junior Session presented by Larry Hamler. Topic:  Buffalo Nickels.

Catherine summarized the minutes of the last meeting (Jan.) and gave a brief financial report and report on status of membership dues paid.

The Club members send their best regards to Leonard, who has been confined to bed rest.  Get well soon Leonard!


ANA: Larry:  ANA Newsletter available if any members want to read it.


Old Business


Spring Show

Application forms going to Roy (Bourse Chairman) and John T (address on website).  John T. will update the Table count on the website to indicate number of tables sold / still available.

Send checks on to Catherine.  Checks should be deposited upon receipt.  No refund if the dealer cancels out. The fee is non-refundable, but the dealer can resell the table to another dealer.

Need to print out some application forms, so they are on hand at meetings for members to fill out.

After Feb. 15th applications will be sent out by Roy to dealers.

John T:  applications should be taken only my mail (or in person, with payment), not by phone.

New standard – nothing sold to dealers until after Feb. 15th.   Sell tables first to members PRESENT at the February meeting, then to other club members.  Then to dealers after Feb. 15.

Larry will write up some rules and e-mail them out for review and come up with a proposal for amendment to the Club’s by-laws.

Larry: Club displays at the Show – if anyone wants to put out a display, we’ll have some designated table space for the Club.  The club also has a couple of cases which can be used for displays.  (Catherine currently stores two of these, in working order.  Charly has the third one, in need of repair ?)

At next month’s meeting, get a volunteer list for help at the Show.


Storage Cabinet:

It would be good to have a cabinet in the meeting room, to store Club items.  At a previous meeting, it was mentioned that the Club had a cabinet many years ago.  Did anyone investigate this?


Club Brochure:

John T. is working on the Club Brochure.  Anyone with ideas, please contact John T.

John D: Any news about including the club brochure in the packet of flyers that come in the mail?  Gave sheet about advertising in this to Bob.


Club History:

John T has added Don Johnson’s letter to the Website - click on “About the Club.”


New Business:



Dues for 2004 are now DUE.

So far, 15 members have paid up.

It was suggested that we get a list of the other clubs in the area (from ANA or NOW) and send them a letter about a month in advance, notifying them of our Coin Shows.

Also include in our Newsletter:  Member of American Numismatic Association (ANA) / Numismatists Of Wisconsin (NOW) and logos.  ANA website:


Board of Directors:

Doug Anderson has agreed to continue in his post as a member of the Board of Directors until January 1, 2005.

Next meetings:

Junior Session for March:  Volunteer ?

March Meeting – Educational – volunteer – Doug A.  Will have a quiz and presentation on Dollar Coins.

May Meeting – Educational – volunteer – Larry.


Renaissance at South Middle School – April 1st.

This event clashes with our Club meeting, but many members would like to attend the Renaissance event, like we did last year.  Last year we had 3 tables of displays and handouts.  James (who attends South Middle School) had his collection on display, and Roy brought along a large display and some videos to show.  Larry brought items also, and several other members attended. It was very well supported, and the tables attracted a lot of interest.  The members present today decided that this year we would move our Club Meeting for April to the following week:  April 8.  Larry will contact the Parks & Rec office to notify of the change.  Therefore, all members who would like to attend the Renaissance on Thursday, April 1st are welcome to do so.  Set up time is  from 4:00–5:00 pm. Event takes place 5:00–8:00 pm.


Business portion of meeting closed at 8:28 pm


Next Meeting: 

Thursday, March 4th, 2004.  (Educational)

Auction:  Members may bring up to 5 lots to auction.

Volunteer for Junior Session:  ???


Door Prizes:

1936 Mercury Dime – Kelly

1903 Indianhead Penny – Owen

1973 Mexican 20 Centavos – Ken

1951 Canadian Silver Quarter – Wayne

1908 Liberty Nickel – Larry

1964 Kennedy Half - Catherine



Auction conducted by John T.



Payments today:

Larry:  submitted expenses for refreshments $8.65

Catherine: submitted expenses $14.80

Receipts today:

                Table sales for April Show:

                                Wayne Hamler 2 tables $65

Larry Hamler 2 tables $65


Wayne $6

John D $6

Kelly +$4 added to previous $6 to change membership to Family instead of Individual.


Treasurer’s Report

(There were some errors on the typed report in January Minutes. Two items of expenses 8.31(Refreshments) and 8.88(Secretarial)  were omitted, and there was a typing error of 50 cents: 143.00 should read 143.50.  Here is the adjusted opening balance.)


Opening balance in Bank……………………………………………….           $406.51


                Secretarial expenses, postage (Catherine)……         14.80

                Refreshments (Larry) …………………………              8.65                                                            


                Membership dues received ……………………         72.00

                Auction of leftover refreshment Jan. meeting....         1.25

                Show Tables sold ………………………………       300.00


Closing balance in Bank…………………………………………………$756.31

Minutes submitted by Catherine Keys.