Meeting: January 2nd, 2003.



Executive Officers:  Larry Hamler (President), Charly Koehler (Vice President), Catherine Keys (Secr/Treasurer)

Members:  Doug Anderson, John Duran, Roy Crowell, Wayne Hamler, Alastair Keys, Richard & Joshua Sullivan, Jerry Urdahl, Bob Werner.

(Total 12)


Old Business

Christmas Party: 

Report - party went OK, will discuss later in year if want same venue again (Connell’s II at Airport)

New Officers were elected at the Christmas Party (as listed above). 

Roy said he is glad to see new people taking positions in the Club.

Wayne brought 6 Eagles for those who did not get one at the restaurant ($39.00 to be paid to Wayne).


Name Tags:

Bob will check into prices and types of name tags for members, and report back to next meeting.  Also, we should get “Hello” style labels for use at Shows.


New Business

Old notes:

Charly:  He has a lot of archive notes, and wants to know what to do with them.  The club has 3 showcases with keys, but we don’t know where the 4th case is.

Roy:  Bring the papers to a meeting and some of the members could stay afterwards to go through the notes and sort out.

Coin Show:

Roy: Room is contracted for April 6th, 2003; to be paid for on day of show.

18 tables.  There was some discussion on layout variations.

Wayne proposed a motion to leave the tables as Roy has previously set them up (18 tables). 

Seconded: John D. 

Motion Passed.

Roy:  Lots of people are now interested in taking tables at shows.  More dealers are taking 2 tables.  11 dealers at his last show.  Turned down 9 tables. 

There was discussion on the pricing of tables.

Larry:  Club members should have first chance at tables.

Roy:  No verbal reservations.  First Come, First Served, with Check.  This notice should be included in the letter about registrations.

Feb. 1st – John Tester to send out mailing.

Notify members not present – send an early notice to them.

Roy: Asked the hotel about opening up the room partition.  This would cost an extra $125, bringing the total cost of hiring the room to $325.

Charly:  Could perhaps consider 2 shows again.

Larry proposed a motion to keep the price the same as last year $35 / $65.  First option on tables to club members.  Include a note about First Come, First Served, with Check, no phone registrations.  Also include a note that prices will go up next year.

Seconded: Bob.

Motion Passed.



John D. raised the topic of advertising for the Show.

Doug Anderson:  We need to put some money (e.g. $100) into good plastic signs for use each year.  These could also be loaned to members having own shows.

Doug has made signs in the past, but they get damaged by wind, etc.  He will check into costs and report back for next meeting with sample.

Jerry Urdahl: Said he joined the club due to seeing notice in newspaper.  The club should also investigate TV public service announcements.

Roy: Advert runs in Leader Telegram for 7 days.  Also advertised in the Trading Post and Numismatic News.

Jerry: We would get good exposure from a TV interview.  Will call to find out who is in charge of public service and report back to next meeting.  Will ask if we can have someone go on TV and talk about the upcoming show.

Promote: National Coin Week in April, Club Show, Club Activities, State Quarters.


Door Prizes:

Larry:  Suggests no more door prizes at shows.

Doug: Suggests less-expensive door prizes, eg. Couple of war nickels, etc.

Charly:  Estimated balance on hand around $630.

Roy: Total expenses for a show runs between $400 - $450.  The club made about $160 last year.

Gift certificates given out as prizes last time.

Everyone should think about ideas for prizes.



Education for Juniors:

Larry: Proposed a program for Junior Members.  They could separate out to another area for 15 - 20 minutes at the beginning of the meeting, with an experienced member who would talk about a different item or aspect of coin collecting each meeting.  Volunteers could take turns to conduct the session.  Ask the Juniors what types of coins they’d like to learn about.

Larry proposed a motion to start a Junior Member Program.

Seconded by Doug.

Motion passed.

Volunteer for the first session (at next meeting) is Doug Anderson.


Many members do not get here on time and meetings have been starting later than the advertised time of 7:30.

Larry proposed a motion to start the Junior Session at 7:30 (followed by the business section of the meeting).

Seconded:  Catherine.

Motion passed.


Educational Part of Meeting:

Doug brought a Red-Book Test on U.S. quarters.  There were 3 categories:  Adult M, Adult F, and Youth.


Tonight’s Door Prizes:

(Pay Charly $13.00 for door prizes).

Drawing:              1936 Buffalo nickel AU – won by Catherine

                        1944 S BU Jefferson nickel – won by Bob

                        1963 Franklin BU – won by Alastair

                        1963 Franklin circulated – won by Jerry

                        Kennedy half dollar – won by Doug



Charly has closed old bank account.

Charly transferred $600 cash to new Secr/Treasurer: Catherine

He reported that John Tester also has some club funds in hand.

Paid Wayne $39 for 6 Eagles (2002) for Christmas Party (1 is left over).

Collected Membership Dues from those present:

Family: $10, Individual $6.


Members paid tonight:

1.         Charly Koehler            $10

2.         Jerry Urdahl             $6

3.         Bob Werner                       $6

4.         Roy Crowell                       $10

5.            Richard Sullivan            $10

6.         Doug Anderson            $6

7.         Wayne Hamler            $6

8.         Larry Hamler                        $6

9.         John Duran              $6

10.            Catherine Keys            $10

total $76


Sold Tables for Show:  Registration and money received from members present: $200



Conducted by Roy.


Meeting closed at 9:05 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report

1/2/03 Balance received from outgoing Treasurer (Charly)            $600.00

1/2/03 Paid to Wayne for 6 Eagles                                             - $39.00

1/2/03 Membership dues collected                                               $76.00

1/2/03 Sale of tables for Coin Show (members)                             $200.00

                                                                        New Balance                      $837.00



Catherine to open new Bank Account in Eau Claire.