Chippewa Valley Coin Club

Article I - Officers

Section    I - Meetings shall be conducted according to accepted parliamentary procedure laws.
Section   II - The President shall supervise all meetings and all matters concerning the club.
Section  III - The Vice-President shall act in the absence of the President.
Section  IV - The Secretary-Treasurer shall record minutes of meetings, preserve documents, handle general correspondence, keep a membership list, and collect and record all dues and fees.  No money will be paid out without approval, except for necessities such as postage and supplies.  He shall present a complete treasurer and secretaries report at all meetings.
Section   V - The President shall have the authority to appoint members to fill unexpired terms of officers and board of directors.  In the event the President cannot continue his tenure, the Vice-President shall assume the position of President and he shall appoint a new Vice-President.
Section  VI - The Secretary and the President shall publish and mail a monthly newsletter to each paid up member or family.

Article  II - Meetings

Section    I - The regular meeting of the Club shall be on the First Thursday of the months of September through May.  No meetings will be held from June through August.
Section   II - The annual meeting, the beginning of the fiscal year, shall be the First Thursday of January.
Section  III - Special meetings and meetings of the Board of Governors may be called by the President when necessary.
Section  IV - The meeting format will alternate with an auction or an educational program after the monthly business meeting.

Article III - Dues

Section    I - The annual dues shall be $6.00 per member or $10.00 per family with junior family members Free.  If the junior is the only alone, dues shall be $2.00 per year.   Those joining in the Fall shall pay one-half the annual rate.
Section   II - Any member whose dues are not paid by the first Thursday of March will be dropped from membership.
Section  III - A suspended member may be reinstated by a majority vote of members present at any meeting upon payment of dues owed.
Revised March 1995 - Roy Crowell, President