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Local Coin News (12-28-07) This is the last Coin News Newsletter of the year.

Hello everyone, we are on the verge of an all new year. I hope that we all have a very, very good and happy new year!

Well, it looks like we have had a taste of Winter here in Eau Claire. And, it appears that this is just the start of what may be a long and snowy winter.

As some of you know, there used to be two bidboards going in Eau Claire. Now, there is just the one, at Roy's (Legal Tender Coin). I had reported before in the Local Coin News, that Brian has discontinued his bidboard. Brian's shop is General Coin and is located on London Road in Eau Claire, WI. However, Roy Crowell still has a bidboard. Roy's shop is Legal Tender Coin, on South Barstow in Eau Claire (downtown). Roy's bidboard closes everyother Monday at 7:00 pm. The only exception will be this Monday when Roy will close his bidboard early for New Year's Eve. Roy's bidboard will close this coming Monday (Dec. 31st) at 5:00 p.m.
Please make a note of that if you plan upon being there.

Also, there is another piece of news for those of you who are interested. Kary is back from her vacation to Australia. She is the girl that works for Brian. She had been gone for a while and she said that she also went to Fiji. I did stop in and talk to her for a bit this past week. BTW, Brian is buying deer hides in case you have any to sell.

Reminder: The next meeting of The Chippewa Valley Coin Club (CVCC) will meet on Thursday (Jan. 3rd) @ 7:00 pm. We meet at the Park & Rec's building in Eau Claire, in the basement.

Art Noot has been sending out some interesting material on ancient coins and such. If you'd like to find out more about what Art has to offer, the information you need is below:
Art Noot (Email):

Art's website:

Coin Club Shows. A reminder about our club coin shows.
This season, there were to be four coin shows here in Eau Claire. We have already had 2 of them. Here are the next two club show dates.

Place: Holiday Inn on Craig Road in Eau Claire. There will be a show on Sun. Jan. 27th 2008, and our last one will be on April 6th 2008. Be there if you can! We have been using a different show floor layout which makes use of the entire room (including the space below which is regularly used as a dance floor). So, there should be more tables available. We would certainly like to make our club shows bigger and better, and have more people come to them. All of us like to have successful shows. Our shows are something which are looked forward to by many people. They are more than an opportunity for us to obtain more, new, and better coins; but also a chance to see and visit with people that we usually or otherwise may not see.
And a chance to meet new friends.

Successful shows. If we are to have successful shows and still have a larger show (more tables, more
dealers) I think that the key is for dealers to have a better selection of material (coins, bills, etc.).
Lots of people come to the shows looking for certain items and they have a price for them already in mind, they may not go higher than that set price. If they can find what they want at the price that they want if for, there are certain to be sales for the dealers who have those items. A lot of people come and go around to ALL of the tables to see where they can find what they want at the price that they want, the best deals and so forth. Have what they want or you may miss a sale. Just a friendly word of advice. The last show, was okay, but not as many people showed up; including dealers. But, the people who did come, were there to buy. So it worked out. The reason some showed and others did not, the weather. Many were not able to attend due to the snow accumulations on many roads, and there were some accidents and other things associated with the snow. But that is the chance that we all take.

Coin Club Christmas Dinner. First of all, I hope that we all had a very good holiday season. Our annual holiday dinner meeting was very good. Lots of time for visiting with each other, fun having our auction, and there was food, drink and other items of interest, such as our door prizes. We had our holiday dinner this year at the same place that we had it last year, Sweetwaters. However, last year there was different management and the steaks were excellent then (they were so tender that they would almost melt in your mouth). I think that was a part of the reason a lot of people chose Sweetwaters again this year. But this year, the steaks (and food in general) was not as good. Many complained about the steaks being tough and grisly. The salids were sparse and the room was cold.
I think that someone from the club should tell these things to the management of Sweetwaters. Many felt that the price of the steaks and meals in general were way too high for what we got. So, I don't know if we are going to want to try Sweetwaters for our club dinner next year. Please think of other places that we might try for next year. Thank you.

And remember you can visit the club's website whenever you would like at the URL below (bookmark it!). Our thanks once again to J.T. for his work on the Club website and for maintaining it. If anyone has any information for J.T. you should be able to find his contact info located at the Club website as well.

Well, I guess that's about all for now. Keep up the coin-hunting/collecting and I hope to see you at one or more of the upcoming club meetings, shows or other coin-related events. Have a very Happy New Year!

Yours very truly, John Duran (Pres., CVCC)

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